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Persistence and Innovation

Pursuing quality innovation

Products and services to achieve or exceed customer satisfaction, to create maximum value for customers, has always been our greatest wish. Our continuous focus on the “customer”, and even the “customer's customer” drives us to carry out quality breakthroughs and innovation continuously. 

Stable quality control is the most basic commitment to customers, we have developed a sound quality control system and certified through the international certification to ensure compliance with standards for product and service quality. 

With global diversified and cooperative bases, successful tests by fast changing and evolving markets, Xinnuo keeps investing in R&D to pursue further breakthroughs and sustained value shared by the customer, environment, and ourselves through quality differentiation, application diversification, and green manufacturing. 


Persistence and Innovation
Persistence and Innovation
Persistence and Innovation

Raw material quality inspecting

Inspection of appearance

Melting point detection 

Moisture content detection

Melt index detection

Persistence and Innovation

Production normal inspection

Diameter inspection

Crimp/amplitude Inspection

Stiffiness Inspection

Tension Inspection

Color Inspection

Straightness Inspection

Decolorization Inspection

Broken Inspection

Persistence and Innovation

Filament's Function Inspection

Bending Recovery Rate Inspection

Anti-static Inspection

Negative Ion Inspection

Inflaming Retarding Inspection


Persistence and Innovation

Package and Transport

Packaging appearance Inspection

The finished product transportation

Persistence and Innovation
Persistence and Innovation

1. Incoming Inspection

Persistence and Innovation

2. Bake the raw materials and mix well

Persistence and Innovation

3. Feeder, Extrustion,Initial Heat Setting,Line streching line pulling , hot-air Heat Setting, Surface Treatment

Persistence and Innovation

4. Spooling the filament, Packing, Cutting

Persistence and Innovation

5. Finished Product.






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