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After sales service Foshan Nanhai Far East Electric Appliance Factory is an enterprise specialized in producing various kinds of electric fans, such as "Yuanyuan brand", "yuanzuan brand" and "Yadian brand". It is located in Yayao Industrial Zone, Dali, Foshan City. The factory covers an area of more than 20000 square meters. The factory has advanced production line, first-class testing equipment, a group of senior professional and technical personnel and well-trained staff Nanhai fan industry belongs to the first-class production enterprises.

Over the years, our factory implements the management policy of quality first, service first, reputation first, and customer first. The product quality is strictly controlled according to the national executive standards. Under the supervision and guidance of the national quality management department, combined with the production situation of our factory, modern scientific management means are used to make the product quality of our factory from appearance, air volume, temperature rise and other technical indicators All the standards have reached the national standards, and the measurement and detection ability has been obtained the enterprise's secondary measurement guarantee system. It has never passed the national certification system of ISO 9001-2000, and one of the first batch of products in the national quality management system, which has not passed the national quality supervision system of ISO 1400, and has not passed the national quality supervision system in 2003. In 2006, it won the national product quality exemption again, and the product quality was in the leading level in the same industry. In 2009, it won the honor of the second level measurement enterprise and standard production.

Since it was put into the market, it has been widely accepted by customers in various cities. It has been widely accepted by customers for its low quality, high quality and high quality Good economic benefits have been obtained.

Due to the long-term unremitting efforts of our factory, we strive to achieve the best product quality, so that the product quality is excellent and highly appraised by consumers. We have obtained the honorary certificate of high-quality products from Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang city and Hubei Province, and the Nanhai quality and Technology Supervision Bureau has been rated as an advanced unit of quality trust for four consecutive years.

In the future, we will redouble our efforts to develop Foshan Nanhai Far East Electric Appliance Factory into a well-known fan enterprise.

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