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Which is the high-end product of nylon filament ?

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Which is the high-end product of nylon filament ?

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  • Categories:Company News
  • Time of issue:2022-10-24 16:10
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The commonly used nylon filament includes PA6 filament, PA66 filament, PA610 filament and PA612 filament, among which PA612 filament, namely nylon 612 filament, is the high-end product with its ultra-high quality and superior performance, and the price is relatively expensive.

PA612 filament has excellent resilience, wear resistance, low water absorption and other superior properties, the cost is also high, generally used for high-grade toothbrush, face cleaning brush and industrial brush.

Then what about the manufacturers of nylon filament? Guangzhou Xinuo Special Fiber Co., Ltd. mainly produces a variety of high quality filament products. The diameter of nylon 612 filament is 0.05mm or above; Additional functions like anti-static, negative ions, anti-bacteria and anti-UV,etc can be added; The material can pass ROHS, REACH SVHC, PHTHALATES, PAHs, bisphenol A and other professional tests.

We carefully select raw materials, control quality from the source.We pay great attention to product quality, we have exquisite production technology. We deliver goods quickly and on time. We have a professional service team to respond to customers in time and follow up the whole process of order.

If you are souring high-end nylon 612 filaments, please contact us. We are looking forward to creating more quality products and services for you.

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