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How widely does nylon filament apply?

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How widely does nylon filament apply?

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What kinds of nylon brush filaments does Guangzhou Xinnuo produce? What are the differences and applications of these filaments? Let's take a look!

PA612 filament has excellent physical properties. It is a high-grade product of nylon series. It has excellent resilience, wear resistance and low water absorption. It is very suitable for water contact environment.The filament diameter is ≥0.05mm.PA612 is mainly used in toothbrush,face wash brush,nail polish brush,interdental brush,industrial roller brush, glass mirror polishing brush,grinding and polishing brush,etc.

PA66 is a high temperature resistant and wear-resistant filament in nylon series products. It has excellent physical properties and good chemical stability.The filament diameter is ≥0.08mm.PA66 is mainly used in high-grade hair brush, vacuum cleaner roller brush, polishing brush, steel cleaning industrial brush, bathing brush, strip brush, twisted wire brushes, nail glue brush,etc.

PA6 is a widely used and relatively economical nylon filament. It has good mechanical and physical properties and high chemical stability. It is a common filament material for cleaning brushes and industrial brushes. However, due to its obvious characteristics, the filament will become soft after water absorption, and the mechanical properties will be reduced accordingly.The filament diameter is ≥0.06mm.PA610 is mainly used in household combs,bowl brushes,pot brushes,bottle brushes,strip brushes,industrial brushes,twisted wire brushes, rolling brushes,etc.

The properties of PA610 filament are very close to that of nylon 612, with good resilience, low water absorption and high wear resistance.The filament diameter is ≥0.05mm.PA610 is mainly used in toothbrush, roller brush, face washing brush, nail polish brush, interdental brush, twisted wire brushes,etc.

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