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NYLON/PA6 filament(brush filament)

NYLON/PA6 filament(brush filament)

The main component of PA6 filament is polyamide,the density is 1.12-1.16 g/cm³,and the melting point is 215-225℃.
  • description : NYLON/PA6 filament is a widely used and relatively economical nylon filament. It has good mechanical and physical properties and high chemical stability. It is a common filament material for cleaning brushes and industrial brushes. However, due to its obvious characteristics, the filament will become soft after water absorption, and the mechanical properties will be reduced accordingly.
  • diameter : ≥0.06mm
  • status : Straight or Crimp
  • color : Customized according to customer's requirements (corresponding to the color Pantone number)
  • Cross section shape : Round, square, hollow, cross shaped or customized according to customer requirements
  • Length of each roll : Standard cutting length is 1250mm, special cutting length can be according to customer requirements
  • Standard diameter of each bundle : 50±2mm
  • Bundle packaging : White crepe paper packing, PE tube packing or PE film wrapping
  • Spool Packing Specification : 20 / 40 / 80 / 100 / 110 / 200 / 220 / 300 / 350 / 400 ends by spool. The number of special pieces can be customized
  • Qualifications : RoHS, reach SVHC, phthalates, PAHs, bisphenol A, UL flame retardant test, Australian fire test.
Product Introduction

Application Area: household combs,bowl brushes,pot brushes,bottle brushes,strip brushes,industrial brushes,twisted wire brushes, rolling brushes etc.







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